Mailbrew Help

Mailbrew Help

💬 F.A.Q.

🤔 General

Where can I download the mobile app?

We don't currently have a mobile app, but you can actually install Mailbrew on your phone by following this guide:


How can I follow YouTube channels with Mailbrew?

You can just use our YouTube source, which lets you select any YouTube channel to add it in your brew.

What are some examples of nice public brews?

You can publish a brew a let anyone subscribe, like a normal newsletter but on auto-pilot. Here are some good examples:

☕️ Brews

If I set a brew to weekly, do you send me the top posts of the week?

Correct, we pick the top links, posts, and tweets based on your brew schedule.

Can I mark links as read while I scroll my digest?

We keep track of your reading state when you read your brews online. Just click on the Keep Reading button when it pops up.

How do I send a brew to another email (for example a work address)?

You can add your secondary address as a subscriber to any brew (1), and disable the "Email me new issues" option (2) so that you won't get that brew on your default email (which you can change here).

How can I see more brews in the top tab bar?

There's a small chevron pointing right in that tab bar. By clicking it you'll expand the brews picker.

The order of the brews here is determined by when you received them.

What tweets and posts do you include in my brew?

We usually include for the most popular posts since the last issue of the same brew. So for a daily brew with a Twitter source, we'll include the tweets with the most engagement of the last 24 hours.

Some sources lets you include the latest post instead, ordered by most recent.


🌎 Sharing & Publishing

How do I let others subscribe to my brew?

From your brews manage page, or from a brew editor, you can easily access a publishing interface that lets you share your brew with anyone.

Brew public links display a nice preview image on social media, and anyone can subscribe to them like regular newsletters.


📨 Newsletters

How can I get newsletters in Mailbrew?
Can multiple brews receive different newsletters?

This isn't currently possible but we're working on it right now!

It will soon be possible to tag and filter your newsletters so they end up in different brews.

How can I get all my Substacks in Mailbrew?

Just visit this page to change your Substack email to your unique Mailbrew address (see question above).

This will help you clean up your inbox, and your Substack newsletters will populate your Newsletters tab and be included in your next brew.

If I get a brew in the weekend, does it get all the newsletters from the week?

Exactly. The Newsletters source in a brew will show all the newsletters received since the last issue of that same brew.

⚠️ Issues

Images in my brews are broken or don't appear. What's wrong?

It might happen with some browsers that images in your brews are broken, and you just see the surrounding text and borders, like this:


Usually this happens because you're using an ad blocker, or the browser itself has a strict privacy policy.

  • If you're using an ad blocker, please whitelist to make sure it works correctly.
  • If you're using Firefox, Brave, or another browser with an internal ad blocker, disable content blocking for Mailbrew. Here's how to do it in Firefox.
Why am I not receiving my brew?

Please make sure these 2 options are active in the brew editor:


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