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Mailbrew Help

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💬 F.A.Q.

🤔 General

Where can I download the mobile app?How can I follow YouTube channels with Mailbrew?What are some examples of nice public brews?

☕️ Brews

If I set a brew to weekly, do you send me the top posts of the week?Can I mark links as read while I scroll my digest?How do I send a brew to another email (for example a work address)?How can I see more brews in the top tab bar?What tweets and posts do you include in my brew?How do I receive a brew on weekdays?I do I get last week's posts in my brew?How do I add images to my brew?Can I turn off brew emails and read my brews online?

🌎 Sharing & Publishing

How do I let others subscribe to my brew?How do I embed a brew subscribe form on my Ghost site?How do I share a source with other users?

📨 Newsletters

How can I get newsletters in Mailbrew?Can multiple brews receive different newsletters?How can I get all my Substacks in Mailbrew?If I get a brew in the weekend, will it contain all the newsletters from the week?Why I am not receiving my newsletters in Mailbrew

⚠️ Issues

Images in my brews are broken or don't appear. What's wrong?Why am I not receiving my brew?

⚡️ Help Pages

👨‍💻Add sources to your brew📆Change your brew scheduleRead & manage your newslettersRead & manage your newslettersForward newsletters from GmailForward newsletters from GmailRead your Substacks in MailbrewRead your Substacks in MailbrewAdd formatted text to your brewAdd formatted text to your brewTwitter Search Syntax ReferenceTwitter Search Syntax ReferenceTwitter PermissionsTwitter PermissionsStop your brews from ending up in Gmail's spam folder📱Install Mailbrew on your phone⚙️Compatibility modeMarkdown SyntaxMarkdown Syntax💳Subscription ProrationAdd Medium content to your brewAdd Medium content to your brew🔁Resetting the Progressive Web App