Read & manage your newsletters
Read & manage your newsletters

Read & manage your newsletters

Mailbrew is a powerful newsletters reader.

You can get your favorite newsletters in your daily email digest, but you can also read them online in your Newsletters page.

Newsletters page

Here's what you can do on this page (see image below):

  1. View your archived newsletters, or enter the Manage page
  2. Browse your newsletters by the Tags you've created
  3. Click on a Sender to discover more options
  4. Share this newsletter issue with anyone
  5. Add one or more Tags to this newsletter
  6. Block this sender, or read all messages together
  7. Archive, Save for later, and more
  8. See if a newsletter is still unread (blue dot) or read (dim dot)

Manage page

This is where the magic happens.

  1. Click here to view the last message you received from this newsletter.
  2. Click here to Favorite this sender.
  3. Add or edit this sender Tags.
  4. Block this sender or read all their messages.

Add newsletters to your brew

Getting newsletters in your brew is as easy as adding a source.

You'll be able to only see Favorites, or just newsletter with (or without) certain Tags.